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    First prototype GOOGLE PLAY


    Edemion is mobile free-to-play IOS/Android game. Explore the world, overcome obstacles and fight the enemies. Help young Indian to reach his goal - become true warrior and save his tribe.


    Edemion was an ordinary Indian teenager of 14 years, living in his tribe "Giniu". He was studying military craft and helping with the house. Once upon a time village was attacked by invaders from other tribe - Avahi. Avahi often were raided other tribes in order to rob and capture people. The Giniu tribe was not ready for an attack, so all men of the village were killed, including Edemion’s father. Little Edemion was able to hide, but his mother and brother were captured and taken away. Boy was very sad and angry on himself, but eventually decided to find strength and release the captives from his tribe. From this very moment begins the story of a little warrior and his hard way.


    It is a Puzzle-Platformer game with elements of survival. Main character - little boy named "Edemion", needs to overcome all obstacles and save his tribe.

    The whole world in Edemion is filled with mysticism and terrors, so you’d better keep your weapons ready.


    Player has 3 lives per each episode. Each life gives ability to reborn from last savepoint. Each episode has 4-6 savepoints. If you lose all 3 lives, then have to restart episode from the beginning.


    For the first release main character will be able to:

    • run in any direction

    • jump and climb over obstacles

    • strike with a weapon, tomahawk by default

    • use ult
    Game story is divided into 15 episodes. Each episode has different location, obstacles, enemies. Initially, all episodes(besides first one) will be closed and to proceed to the next one you need to pass at least 60% of previous one. In the “Episode Selection” screen you will be able to see current progress for each episode

    Main Screen


    “Episode Selection” screen.


    Please Support Us on INDIEGOGO.

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