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    Jun 25, 2008
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    Small ISOmetric tech demo using the new DirectX9c version of DxIce Game Engine!

    DxIce Game Engine is a free 2D and Isometric highlevel game engine and we are currently converting it from DirectX 8 to DirectX 9. We hope this will make it run on Windows Vista soon.


    For more screenshots visit http://gamedev.digiapp.com/

    Download and give it a go... [;)] Demo updated due to issues on some PC's

    Please post comments about any problems, the features, performance, how it looks on your pc, which configuration you have etc.

    Dx9Ice IsoGame Tech Demo (1.4 MB)

    Hit F1 for help and play with the features

    Features include:
    The Iso game demo from the SDK ( full set of features )
    New background music in XM tracker format
    New Sound Sample used for explosion.
    Iso metric map altitude including transparency (dynamically calculated)
    Fog of War
    Software lightning on iso map.
    Background tiler for moving water effect
    Mouse Left to make the Knight walk to that spot
    Mouse Right to make an explosion

    The zip contains the following:
    Dx9Ice120.dll - Dx Ice game engine for DirectX9c
    DxIce9H.dll - DxIce9 helper dll for DirectInput8 (mouse and keyboard)
    bass.dll - 3rd party (free for shareware below 5000 sold copies)
    DxIce110.Pak - standard resource pack for DxIce game engine
    IsoGame.Pak - resource pack for IsoGame (textures and music)
    saveiso1.imx - iso map file ( from the SDK ) contains blank tiles
    DxIsoGame.exe - The demo application.
    registerDx9Ice.bat - bat file to register the dx ice game engine

    VB6 SP5 or newer
    DirectX 9c
    (DirectX compatible graphics card )
    (DirectX 3 compatible sound card)

    Thank you!
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    Jun 25, 2008
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    Small update made.
    Now it seem to run on Windows Vista if you have DirectX9c feb 2005 or dec 2005 installed.
    Comments still very welcome :)
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    I've not looked at the engine as I'm not in the market for one, but a general thought struck me.

    You'd probably get a lot more interest in this if your screenies were better than that. I know it's free and I'm not having a go, but you could probably find an artist around here who's happy to work for a day or two just for his name in the docs, and I reckon it would work wonders.

    What people aren't going to do is look at a bad screenshot and say "wow, that's the engine for me!", even when they know it's just a sample with programmer art.

    If you're demoing an engine, you should aim to blow people away with a demo. It doesn't have to be big, or even a game, but it should tempt them into looking at it as a hopeful alternative to whatever it is they have now.

    Just my 2p. Ignore as required... :)
  4. DxIceAdmin

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    Jun 25, 2008
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    Thanks Paul, better scenery design would make a big impact.

    Any artist want to give it a shot and add isometric to the skill set?
    (or even better bring some isometric skills).

    There is a very limitted and raw iso metric map editor shipping with the engine (it needs polishing and is just base tiles map selector and save/load). I'd like to improve it a bit and you (being the artist) can pick a different graphics perspective if you like. (in my programmer's attempt above i used 64x48 sized tiles made by Reiner Prokein)

    click to see a screenshot of the isoeditor

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