DUNGEONS AND UNDEAD:Multiplayer local game to enjoy with friends, kids, family, etc

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    It all started as the idea of making a videogame for my nephews and niece. It should be simple to play, anyone could join in, yet fun to play. So, beta version will be ready in middle October, in Steam, and I wanted to share with you concepts and technical details, you may find more on;

    Kickstarter, September 1st.

    - Diferent languages integrated, using Dialogue System (lua environment and database).
    - Using Unity 3D
    - Local multiplayer. It works well!!! Up to 4 player, sharing screen (no split screen).
    - DIferente controllers; you could use Xbox One gamepad, joystick, mouse/keyboard, etc.... and I developed a mobile app which will be released for free, to use your mobile as a gamecontroller, I call it, D&U mobile.
    - D&U mobile allows to connect your friends, family, kids, etc if you dont have enough controllers.
    - Unique characters; each character has strengths, skills, way different, so it allows for different game styles and tactics.
    - Aiming for five different levels with different enemies, puzzles and difficulties. So far, I got one short level working well.

    - Using the story of the "The Essence Reaper Ritual" as main story.
    - 3d models from Unity Asset store. I spent sometime at integrating animations and other features from different artists.
    - Some 2D designs which I owns from previous videogames and books, plus a couple of new ones.

    Using C#;
    • I worked with Unity game input controllers and programmed my scripts to accept input from different controllers.
    • I implemented "Mirror" unity asset to allow local wifi connections. It is also in my mobile app, so during the pre-game scene, the server in the computer can be turned on, and server IP is displayed on the screen. By entering that IP on my mobile app D&U mobile, you could connect through your mobile to use it as a gamepad.
    • Basically, D&U mobile sends data like (float axisX, float axisY, int fire, int jump, int block, int special, string "other messages"), and there is a script on the maingame (e.g. gamecontroller) which receives all that info along the IP. Through the different IP all messages received are sent to the different specific control - input scripts in each player character. It works marvellously well.
    • Dialogue System keeps all data in a lua database / environment, so you could save and load easily all data across levels.

    GAMEPLAY (HAVE FUN): Characters.
    • Each character have different skills; use your Mad Cleric dwarf as tank to endure damage, to deal high damage to enemies, and to heal all allies, however, it is a slow character.
    • Use Rose the half fairy mentalist, to stun all enemies, so your friends can prey easily on them. She is weak and no armour, but she can jump in alike flying and hit enemies from far away through telekinetic blasts.
    • Use Fred the gnome thief to attack from the distance with its modified arqueabus. If enemies closed on you, use ability Catch Me If You Can to become invisible, then backstab any non boss enemy for an instant kill.
    • The Heralds are warriors with decent attack and light armour. However, they have a magical sword able to steal essence from your enemies and heal you. They can summon the demon inside the sword to come out for few seconds and attack all enemies at once.


    Added some ease puzzles to add fun. Nothing too complicated. I will also add some traps later on, spikes coming from the floor you need to jump, etc. Final combat with bosses will be more than hack and slash.


    - 5 Characters working well, fully integrated.
    - One short level, intro, main menu, etc.
    - Mobile app D&U mobile working well.


    - Five levels, with different enemies, traps and puzzles.
    - Looking how to integrate Steam Play Together. Basically you buy the videogame in Steam, and then you could invite up to three of your friends to join you to play, without paying for the videogame. No promises as yet it could work, but I am working on it.
    - Publish videogame for Xbox, PS and Nintendo.
    - Test if app mobile D&U mobile may work with consoles. I am not sure as I dont know how connections, firewalls are done yet. So, we will see.
    - Perhaps more playable characters to add; a wolf regenerating warrior, a succubus, a good paladin and a dark paladin, etc.

    Please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts!
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