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    Deus Vult - Arena is an Action Adventure and TPS with Stealth elements and a combat system based on the tactical ability and quick reflexes of the player.

    Deys Vult - Arena is the realization of a dream born playing the great masterpieces of our childhood like 'Soul Reaver', 'Metal Gear Solid', 'Doom' and a little touch of 'The Legend Of Zelda'

    The beating heart of the DVA experience is the dualism of its gameplay. The Main Characters will be 2; Lulu and Minocar, trapped in an indissoluble link! They will need each others to proceed in the adventure. With Lulu we will face the phases of Exploration, Stealth, Puzzle. And transformed in Minocar we will take on the Arenas! Making our way through hordes of enemies with viciousness, tearing and absorbing their spirits to increase our power.

    We will move our first steps impersonating Lulu, a spirit with a dark past that doesnt have any memories or consciousness of who he is or why he is there. Then we will meet Minocar, a mysterious talking skull with an axe stuck in his cranium, to whom Lulu will speak as his master.

    The story of DVA starts in Lythra, a place devastated by a supernatural catacylsm and populated by hostile creatures and deadly traps! The players goal will be to escape Lythra, to do so he will need to explore every corner of his prison, following the clues that Minocar will give him and learning to make use of his immense power!

    Lythra is an infernal dimension twisted by a supernatural cataclysm, the player will discover what really happened through clues scattered around the map, and talking with the Pure Spirits and with Minocar during the course of the adventure.

    Deus Vult-Arena is a game with a persistent world, thoroughly walkable from one end to the other without interruptions, the map in its actual state has 6 dungeons linked with various shortcuts and secret passages between one area and the other, in every dungeon there are many arenas and secret zones, only accessible through solving of ambiental puzzles or looting specific items:


    Minocar and Lulu togheter will be able to acquire a physical body:

    The main goal of the combat system of Deus Vult - Arena is to increase our power through absorption of the enemies spirits! To do so, the player will have first of all to destroy the physical body of the enemy, making his spirit vulnerable and allowing us to break it and absorb the fragments of his spirit to become stronger:

    But destroying and absorbing wont be so easy, because the enemy spirits, once deprived of their body will immediately look for a way to reincarnate themself:

    The same fate will await the player if he is defeated while fighting in the form of Minocar We will lose Minocar's skull that will remain on the point of our death and we will have to retrieve it

    Once back in the form of Lulu we will be defensless against most enemies, but also invisible to them, however, right when we will lose our physical form the Guardian Eyes will descend from the sky to hunt us down The Eyes will be able to see Lulu and once spotted they will make him visible to all other enemies, putting us at risk of GameOver

    We will have many ways at our disposal to deny and trick the Guardian Eyes

    The level design of DVA makes so that there will be places that Minocar will be able to reach only in the form of Lulu. So we will have to use our wit to find the best way to access areas inaccessible to physical beings.

    Many riddles will require the combined use of both Lulu and Minocar:

    Combat System When we will be in our Minocar form we will have at our disposal alot of abilities, many of which will be unlocked with the increase of our power:

    In the form of Minocar we will be able to change the elemental state instantaneously at every time, each elemental state will change the preset of all of our moves, giving life to brutal and kickass combos At the peak of his power Minocar will have 4 elemental states Primigenial, Fervor, Gelu, Fulgur:

    Minocar will be able to summon various weapons depending on his state and the used attack, from a fearsome Spiked Mace to a devastating Arquebus

    In the game there will be NPCs called the Pure Spirits, they will be hidden in various locations of the game world and will spawn when we kill certain enemies There are two ways to interact with the Pure Spirits: talk to them, or absorb them! It will be possible to talk with the Pure Spirits only in the form of LuLu and if Minocar is not present, they will give insight about the history of Lythra and what happened to its inhabitants... Talking with a Pure Spirit will make us lose affinity with Minocar, if, otherwise, we will absorb them; we will gain affinity points that can be used to unlock new abilities!

    Do us many questions and tell us your impressions!

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