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    I am a systems administrator who is a hobbyist game designer and engineer. My specialty is in game mechanic design, balancing and theoretical implementation.

    I have experience in many areas of game development. Unfortunately I would not consider myself a professional applicant simply because my breadth of knowledge is great but my depth and specialization knowledge is lacking.

    I have an extensive background in web development.
    I have experience in contract negotiations and reading and sorting through legal documents.
    I have experience in information management and database design.
    I have experience in server configuration, virtualization, networking.
    I have used all of these skills in either some game development work or game server administration role.

    Disclaimer I am not an artist.
    I have artistic vision and can identify quality gaps.
    I understand the basic concepts of 2D animation and have the appropriate software to create 2D animations relatively easily.
    I have done basic environmental art when necessary in 2d and some basic 3d modeling.

    Disclaimer I am not a programmer.
    I have learned how to and at one time or another programmed in over 20 languages.
    I created one game in Unity a couple years back.

    Disclaimer I am not an author.
    I have written scripts, screenplays, short stories, campaigns, back stories, most of which are lost to time.
    I have understanding of the concepts in designing plots and story lines that are affected and altered by the actions of the main character.
    I also have software applications to help in managing complex character interactions.

    I would not mind a rev-share situation, most people avoid them due to the possibility of no profits. I am mostly interested in getting more official experience in game development so that I may be able to work in game development rather than being a systems admin.

    Most of my game development experience is in "questionably legal modding" however I have a small amount in stand alone physical games and video games.

    Which can be seen on my site.

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