Dead Skin Reign of Druke

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    About Me

    Hi, this is Michael J Collins. I am the creator and developer of Dead Skin Reign of Druke.
    I am a multi talented 3d artist and my top future goals deals with developing movies and games.
    Over all I pretty much just want to bring an awesome story to life.
    Starting next year I will be focusing on developing cartoon films with UDK such as Shulu Wrath
    of the Fallen Warrior
    , which will then soon after transition into a game, but as of now I'm working on
    finishing my first game project Dead SKin Reign of Druke. I should have a nice demo by the start of January.
    This is a project I work on night and day. At the start of development I wasn't quite sure of the
    direction that Dead Skin was going to go as it was venturing into another zombie game, but after a while I decided to
    add different elements so that the story could expand along with the game play.

    Game Story Synopsis

    Dead Skin is about a Space commander named Druke, who rebelled against the Dead Skin army. This is an army that travel
    from planet to planet wiping out out it' s inhabitants and stealing their resources. Yet there is someone on earth that Druke is willing to risk his life for. So he decides to stop the Dead Skin army from destroying human life on earth. This makes Druke enemy number 1 to his brother Drular, the leader of the Dead Skin army. Now earth has a better chance of survival now that Druke is forced to defend it.

    Game play

    Level 1= The weapons Druke uses is his flame thrower and his drop bombs to help take down the ravenous creatures and blow
    away the Oogslaga creature. The level is pretty much a fast paced, kill and survive type level and then you take on the boss.

    Level 2= The Dead Skin army has arrived and they are reeking havoc in the city to begin the destruction of earth and to get Drukes attention. The first of the army you must take down is the ones in flight. So this level you are pretty much flying around the crowded city and shooting down ships, and blowing up buildings with the power of UDK Apex.

    Level 3= Commander Drular sends ground enemies in which you are back in First Person Mode. Now you are at the foot of the city fighting your way through destruction and horrifying creatures with powerful weapons.

    Level 4= Commander Drular sends a giant mutated creature to earth, tall as a sky scraper to take on Druke.
    Druke goes back into flight mode with his ship, and you pretty much fly and take down the beast with your ship's Drop bombs because all other weapons are disabled.

    Level 5= Time to take on the commander who just kidnapped Kara, which is the one your fighting for. So back to space you go, onto the Dead Skin Army base. The whole game is first person of course, except for flight. Though when Druke makes it back onto the ship, it will continue to stay First Person up until he actually encounters his brother. The 2 of them have a set of skills that I don't want displayed in first person, so I will switch 2 third for hand to hand combat.




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