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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sol_HSA, Aug 11, 2011.

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    At one point I realized many of my game ideas require dialog trees on one form or another. There are some tools for this out there, some commercial, others not, but nothing I felt as really usable for me.

    So I decided to write my own. For the past couple of weeks I've spent my precious free time designing, specifying and implementing it, and you can find the fruits of my labor at http://iki.fi/sol/d3/


    It's still under active development, especially on the tools side. Currently the tools let you create dialog tree data and save (and load) it in XML, json and proprietary binary formats.

    The other side, the engine itself, is done (apart from json and xml loders and potential bug fixes) and available under a permissive license.


    Some of the terminology may be slightly confusing, so I'll explain. Dialogs are not really conceptually "question" and "answer" nodes - answers are always tied to specific questions, so why bother splitting them? So, d3 considers one question and answer set as a "card". Each answer leads to another "card". And a deck of "cards" is a discussion. Simple enough?


    All of this is available for anyone to use, for free. Well, you need to credit me just like you always remember to credit the jpeg guys, but that's it.

    I've written plenty of information about the project on the http://iki.fi/sol/d3/ site, and would love feedback if you can find time to check it out.

    There's also a .dll of the lib in the distribution if someone wants to use it from some strange language like powerbasic or some such.

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    This looks interesting, I have a interactive graphic novel project I'm working on with an author (very slowly, long term project) that could potentially use something like this. It's simple enough to code so I've just been writing the code by hand - for one thing it means I can just hack in code to change the dialog tree or available responses based upon what has gone before...

    What would be useful for me would be something that output a stub function for every node in the tree and supplied data into that function for an image, text and options. That could then be further tailored once the author & designer nail the overall flow.

    Another option that would be cool would generate the node data (text, answer branches and potential graphic and or sounds) to sit on a server, maybe the data would end up in a mySql database. A game engine would then supply each step to the browser in HTML/javascript.

    Anyhow, thanks for supplying a free tool and some food for thought.

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