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    My name is Arpit Gupta and I am the CMO at CRASS Games.I am contacting you today to talk to you about a new upcoming store named CRASS Games.
    CRASS Games is a Digital Games Store developed by CRASS Infotech where developers/publishers can release their content to a new more different audience than before while also getting massive support from the portal itself.
    CRASS Games is a way for developers to connect their games and content to users at a more streamlined way.
    CRASS Games offers two methods of sharing video games.
    The first is with the regular sell and purchase method and the second is Online WebGL/HTML games.

    CRASS Games also has very good community features like -
    #)Users can chat with their friends in public/private.
    #)Users earn points to gain achievements/badges/rank.
    #)Users can redeem their points to buy games.
    #)Users can get support from our Forum,Groups; the Community.
    and much more

    To Find more about CRASS Games visit-

    CRASS Games would like to develop a PARTNERSHIP with your company before officially launching it.Everyone is welcome to be our partner.
    I am sure that this partnership will help both of us a lot.
    I hope to get a swift reply.
    Best Regards,
    Arpit Gupta (CMO),
    CRASS Games.
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    My first feeling about your announcement is that you should seriously rethink your company's name.

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