Copyright issues with a throwback conepts. How do you avoid?

Discussion in 'Indie Basics' started by MrRixyzpilk, Feb 16, 2017.

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    I'm Mr. Ri'xyzpilk (that's sounded out as something close to Remix-a-pit-lik) and I have an issue, one I think most indie guys have had at least once in a while now a days. A lot of my projects ideas are taking an established IP, remixing it by introducing a new perspective/play style elements and then trying to build my own version of lore and differences to keep the lawyers away while making it feel like "The lost (franchise here)" game. If I had to compare it I'd say doing between what Bloodstained has done for Castlevania and Shovel Knight did for 8 bit character action games in general. Do you have any tips besides "don't just copy everything and recolor it and change things spellings" to avoid copyrights on such things?

    To use one example of what I mean that I've abandoned because it's way too complex to do story and lore wise: The basics of Metal Gear/Metal Gear solid style stealth game in it's isometric form like the original 2 metal gears (and the gameboy one), removed from being a simple clone by giving it Metroidvania style progression for of finding items that give you superhuman mobility and stealth options options (i.e. You can phase shift through/into objects & walls you'd previously have to find preset entry and exits). All the while, still keeping the tropes of the metal gear series: A nearly completed WMD you have to stop, being mainly stuck to one area, story related betrayals, and a final fight where you're stripped down to basics.

    I am in the beginning of working with a team on prototyping and building a single area for another one of these concepts based on a Nintendo franchise(I'll probably post it here when It's nearer to completion) that's intending to hit on the late 90s and early 2000s games as sort of a throw back to that era. But, until then just thought I'd introduce myself while also posting about something I feel after a bit of lurking this site hasn't come up.

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