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    Hello I need advice on what codebase you'd pick and what budget for coders you'd set for this.

    1) Very little graphics. Icons in posts or on screens. I'd do the graphics. Bulk of the text etc.

    2) 6 to 12 Screen Templates, which I can copy for each character or city to give them their own.

    3) Turn by Turn combat system - Requiring a lot of roleplayed text players post and skills which alter the static screens. Space for a moderator or Games Master to be the antagonist with text npcs if required. (Which may mean 2 systems)

    4) Item system which acts like the skills players use in the turn by turn combat, only they can give them to other players, or buy them.

    5) Basic Grid I can color in and put my JPG for a map underneath.

    6) Maybe a positioning system in the combat but not outside of it. This would be text and not require graphics. Instead, it would affect what players skills could target other players. Dining Hall - Bedroom - Kitchen for example. It would depend on how complicated this was to code.

    Think DnD, Vampire Masquerade, Dark Heresy, 13th Age etc. Where players post their character actions, thoughts etc, then select their skills at the bottom of the post or turn. All turns are put together, then a result or results post is generated, then the next turn starts. In the case of a moderated thread or game master the moderator would go first.

    Initial thoughts were to use phpbb, html or java. Stars Combine, Neveron were fair examples but are more complicated than what I require. So phpbb might be enough, as this is done with a forum in mind. I didn't get any advice at the main phpbb forum itself, so I thought I'd come here for help.

    I had 3-5k english pounds as my initial budget, I can go higher but it'll take a couple more months if so. I've seen a lot of freelancer games pricing around the 3k mark.

    Thanks for any help on the codebase or budget you'd set. - I am not seeking offers at this time, I need advice.
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