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    Chrono Ghost
    What is and what will Chrono Ghost be?

    Chrono Ghost is a sci-fi nature themed Time Manipulative 2D Platformer, where you will play as 'Chrono', our time manipulative ghost. Stay sharp, use and remember your time manipulative mechanics, and don't become overwhelmed by the pace, "puzzles" and challenges (not slow, however you can slow down time ;)).

    Objective/Game: Chrono has discovered he has the ability to control time ('Chronokinesis'), in essence, Chrono will use his 'Chronokinesis' power to traverse through levels hoping not to run out of "time", solving "puzzles" and challenges using his new found power, 'Chronokinesis'.

    Levels: Levels are filled with "puzzles" and sci-fi elements which affect Chrono, however, Chrono has learned he can control (Speed up, Slow down, and Stop Completely (with a limit)) certain elements with his new 'Chronokinesis' power (Color Coordinated (green and yellow-ish/orange))

    Death: Chrono is immune to death, however, he pays the price in time for racking up death counts (achievements, rewards, and bonuses for not accumulating a high death toll).

    Achievements: There will be a great amount of rewards for players who enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and love to rack up achievements.

    Game Engine: Unity 3D

    Art: Recycled, Created and Purchased (Will be looking for an artist to help out with our next titles).

    Team: Two man team. Programmer/Game Designer, Programmer.

    IN THE WORKS: Character animation (jumping, movements, deaths..etc). physics, main game menu (level select and such), minor level design ascetics (layering and such), final game assets, elements, shading, coloring, audio, and particles.

    How to/Controls as of now:

    Here is a short clip displaying how you will utilize the game/character mechanics in Chrono Ghost.

    Here is a short clip displaying some of our game scene edits as well as test play footage.

    Please stay tuned in as we continue to work towards finishing and releasing our first console and PC title, Chrono Ghost (early 2018). Note: We will also be showcasing and demoing Chrono Ghost for the 2nd year in 2018 during #magfest2018 (Music and Gaming Festival, National Harbor Maryland) (Jan 4th-7th). If you are there, please do stop by!

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