Certified Video Editor for your Trailers and Gameplay Videos

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    Name: Troy Romo
    Qualifications/Skills: Certificates Obtained (video only) / Premiere Pro / Photoshop / After Effects / NUKE/ PFtrack / Pro Tools / Adobe Audition

    * Fundamentals of Cinematography
    * Psychology of Editing Dialogue
    * Psychology of Editing
    * Multicam Editing in Premiere Pro
    * Action Scene Editing
    * Advanced Editing Theories and Techniques using Premiere Pro
    * Editing Documentaries using Premiere Pro

    Experience: In relation to games I have created my own trailers and gameplay videos along with simple motion graphics. On the flip side I have edited Short Films, Music Videos, Trailers, and several documentaries.
    Direct Link(s): Resume | Website (TBA) |
    Contact Info: You can contact me via PM or at beardedvfx@gmail.com As of right now payment is not necessary. It's more about the experience then the paycheck for me so I can build up my own Reel.

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