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    A new version of the Ca3D-Engine has just been released at the project website at The Ca3D-Engine is a modern game engine and game development kit with 3D real-time graphics and multi-player network support for Windows and Linux.

    Following a great and successful Games Convention 2008 fair in Leipzig, Germany, we've doubled our efforts to finish the latest release: The new version implements many significant enhancements and usability improvements for the Ca3DE World Editor "CaWE".

    Moreover, we're now offering full Ca3D-Engine source code licenses!

    Licenses are available for students, independent developers, professional studios and universities. All licenses are reasonably priced and include all future updates at no additional cost.

    More details about our new licensing program and the new release are presented below and at

    Contents of this post:

    1. What is the Ca3D-Engine? (A brief introduction.)
    2. New features in this release
    3. Further information and contact

    1. What is the Ca3D-Engine?

    The Ca3D-Engine is an all-purpose, modern 3D graphics engine and game development kit for Windows and Linux.

    It can be used to create a variety of 3D applications, including games, simulations, and training and architectural software.

    The Ca3D-Engine includes a comfortable 3D world editor and all tools to make new worlds.

    Its main features include

    • high-quality, real-time 3D graphics,
    • a very powerful and flexible material system,
    • cross-platform and cross-compiler portability,
    • multi-player network support,
    • physically correct lighting (radiosity based),
    • dynamic per-pixel lighting and shadows,
    • 3D sound effects, skeleton based model rendering,
    • very large terrain rendering,
    • scripting language support,
    • live demos come with 3D editor, tools and sample source code,
    • and easy extensibility by code and Lua scripts.

    For a more detailed feature list please refer to

    2. New features in this release

    Starting with the 8.09 (September 2008) release, CF Software offers full source code lisenses for the Ca3D-Engine. Licenses are available for

    • students
    • independent developers
    • professional studios
    • educational institutes

    All licenses are reasonably priced so that also students and independent developers can use the Ca3D-Engine: The Standard License can be purchased for $325 (USD), students receive up to 50% discount.

    All licenses include the full source code for the Ca3D-Engine, the 3D World Editor "CaWE", all libraries, all tools and the DeathMatch sample game. For each license, the price includes free access to all future updates!

    For evaluation, our live demos for Windows and Linux include the Ca3D-Engine, the 3D World Editor "CaWE", all tools for making new worlds, the source code of the DeathMatch sample game, and all scripts. Even more sample source code for evaluation can be found in the Licensing FAQs.

    For more details on obtaining a Ca3DE source code license, the available license types, FAQs about licensing and online order forms, please see the new Licensing Overview web page.

    Program changes in the new 8.09 release mostly affect the 3D World Editor "CaWE": We've implemented all suggestions for improvement since the previous release, as well as a huge number of usability enhancements. The changes include an entirely rewritten and now graphics-driver independent "picking" (object selection and manipulation by left mouse button clicks in the 3D views) feature; enhancements to the Selection, New Terrain, Edit Terrains, Carve and New Light tools; new default textures (two grass, sand and rock) for terrains; and many more.

    Full details about the new release (including screen-shots) are available at

    3. Further information and contact

    For further and more detailed information about the Ca3D-Engine, please visit the official website at

    The website has a detailed feature list, many high-res screen-shots and of course a download page where the latest demo and game development kit are available.

    If you have questions, problems or comments, you're heartily invited to join the Ca3DE discussion forums or the IRC channel, see for the details.
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    It looks good, and the price is decent, but I would need a Macintosh version. (and I personally prefer Python over Lua) For those features I would happily pay the heftier sum Unity charges, but that's just me.
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    Oooh. Interesting. I wasn't expecting much (another new 3D engine, ho hum), but on a closer look this may actually warrant further serious investigation. Bookmarked for later.

    I like that Linux is supported already, as it's my primary dev platform. :)

    @Musenik: According to the website, "A port to the Mac OS is in preparation." I too would need a Mac version before making a serious commitment.

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