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    This an updated version of C.D.X's Blizzard Moon Which was Released last year on December 2nd:
    What would you do if you were stuck in the present? Not able to move forward or move backwards? This is how the people of mahura village and golden holly feel under the rule of Prince foresta who is also the Captain of the red guard's, and now Norton's friends kindo and lila has fallen into the hands of the red guards due to a misunderstanding. Norton knows the going will tough and he also knows what will happen If he doesn't go to rescue Lila and kindo, Now he must journey through the forest of Golden Holly to find kindo and save him from a cruel fate.

    What's New?
    1. New Display And HUD For Inventories And Shops.

    2. Better Effects For The R.P.G Fight scenes

    3. An Impressive change to the gameplay Level's Are Now Act's

    4. New Music Has Also Been Added.

    5. New Looks and New Characters

    6. Sidequests Have Now Been Added

    7. Now Available On Mac And Linux

    8. And A Whole Lot More
    1. Exploring and Investigating:

    Walk around the Golden holly

    Orphanage area and talk with characters such as: Buba droga, Aunt Petra and your friend Jacob (more characters will be added in the next version). And retrieve info and answers about golden holly and the red guards.

    2. Levels and battle sequences:

    At some point in blizzard moon Jacob will lead you to a portal. This portal will lead you to s level select page. Each of these levels contain objectives that need to be completed However these levels also contain mobs that need to be avoided having contact With a mob will eventually result in a Pokémon/Earthbound type of RPG battle sequence In which you must use your giga gloves to take then out you only have two abilities so chose wisely .

    3.Tiers and skills:

    In a normal RPG your skills are ranked by levels but here in Blizzard Moon your skills are ranked by tiers. For example your basic skills (which is in tier 1) are Fireball and lighting. However if you get up to 20 Exp points your tier will evolve and your skills will be lighting and Dragon Flame. Keep on beating enemies and completing levels to earn Exp points some Exp points can even be found in chests. Its all up to you .

    4. Shops and inventory:

    Once you gather enough money you will be able to go to the shop and buy items that will help during your time playing the game however use it wisely some materials are expensive and if care is not taken your money will not last.

    Pls Note:

    The Contents,Sprites and music Of This Game Are not Owened By me. Special thanks to the opengameart community for providing sprites and music.If you have any problems bugs or glitches pls be sure to let me know in the comments.

    or Join My Gaming Discord Server And Let Me Know

    Download Now:
    Windows: Download From GameJolt
    Mac: Download From


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