Blast Masters - An Adventure through time but mostly space

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Max, Mar 16, 2017.

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    Hello all!


    I released a game last year around this time actually and now have released my next game 'Blast Masters' its a retro arcade like game set in space where you - an enterprising young fellow named Monty sets out to make money with his AI friend 'Terrence'

    The game is top down with a bullet hell vibe, with also a good deal of irreverent humor to make light of the colorful explosive cacophony you make before you.

    A full press kit synopsis be found here for those interested:

    The game link is here!

    trailer 1:

    trailer 2:

    I've burrowed away at this project for some time and am hoping for some kind of feedback as I am wondering what I have learnt from this process (apart from learning is fun, takes time, and takes over your life) in face that now with this being finished I am onto another project which is in the prototyping stage but is no nearly finished yet but is alot of fun. I'm rambling now. But I hope you guys will give the game a chance!

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