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    I would love to hear some feedback and advice on my project so far. I’m currently working as a one-man team on this. You play an intern who's tasked with uncovering your boss's conspiracy and corruption. The central conceit of the game is to use hints and clues you find throughout the office and in the boss's computer to further the narrative. The primary form of narrative storytelling is through messages sent by coworkers, documents scattered around, etc… I was largely inspired by The Return of the Obre Dinn and Outer Wilds in terms of unique narrative exploration with a mystery element. The game is planned to last for about 1 hour based on the average reading speed. I have developed games for various platforms in the past, but this is my second time working in the Unreal 4 engine. If you could offer any advice to improve, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I would be appreciative. Thanks for checking my game out!

    Here is the official announcement trailer:


    It is 1999. You inhabit the role of a lowly intern hoping to find their footing in the corporate world. When a senior manager prompts you to expose corruption within the company, you are given the choice of hacking into the boss’s computer to find evidence. Due to the boss’s extreme paranoia, the computer is rife full of locked files, spyware, and hidden secrets to find. You are never given a straight answer to a question. Instead, you must explore and deduce what to do next, the only help being your trusty notebook.

    Meanwhile, learn about the lives, corporation, and world you strive to protect through this unique form of interactive, non-linear storytelling. Every piece of narrative is essential in order to piece together what exactly happened and, perhaps more importantly, why.
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