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    I’m António and I'm the team lead and Game Designer of Black Helga - a collaborative and hobbyist group of people spread through mainly the US and Europe. We’re working on our first title, codenamed “Trickshot” and we're looking to buff up our team with a artist(s) and a programmer.

    Trickshot is a 2D action-adventure game with strong puzzle, platformer and stealth elements. It tells the tale of Addëin, a young girl gifted with magical powers. It's a game about experimentation. It focuses on Addy's unconventional abilities and her playfulness, creating crazy solutions to the problems she will face.
    Our goal is to develop a single level demo / vertical slice of the game. Something concrete, fun and that shows depth. Something we can share, gather feedback, impressions and then study the possibilities to make it into a full game. To sum it up - for now, this is just us, investing on this idea, and hopefully we can later move this onto being a paid gig.

    We’re looking for:


    As a programmer you’d be involved in programming key elements of the overall gameplay and developing, writing, de-bugging, testing and implementing clear (and maintainable) code.
    We’re aiming for people with experience with Unity 3D, with strong C# skills; that have a good understanding of State Machine structures and a portfolio with playable samples that we could take a look at. If you have experience with version control systems – even better!

    (Don't quite know how strong the artist community is here on Indiegamer, but its worth a shot :) )

    As an artist you’d be in charge of creating sketches, drawings and designs for characters (and possibly some environments, props, illustrations, etc); creating studies for colour pallets, visual styles, different aesthetics, etc. Mainly – we want you to sprinkle your magic on the project!
    We aim for people who are able to rapidly sketch ideas and produce various examples for a concept. Someone that has a solid understanding of lighting, composition, colour, and anatomy; and that is comfortable with trying out different visuals styles and approaches. We’d also like to see a portfolio though it doesn’t need to be flashy- Instagram, Tumblr, etc are more than ok.

    As an animator you’d be responsible for make the world move, mainly animating characters, and perhaps some prop pieces, set pieces, etc. We focus on people that work in an efficient manner as to allow for quick iterations.
    We’re aiming for someone who understands character motion, and that isn’t afraid of acting out something for the sake of his/her craft! Someone that works with the team, understands the project's restraints and compartmentalizes his/her to allow a fluid development. Got a portfolio/reel for us to see? Send it through, and If you have experience in games animation – even better!

    We value communication, integrity and willingness to learn, and we’re looking for those that share our values. Someone that if we lived in the same area we could meetup at a coffee place and chat about the project, our goals, ideas and stories.
    So, are you driven? Organized? Proactive? Eager to team up? Then contact us at , including [Role] + [Your name] in the subject line.

    Introduce yourself, tell us about your experiences, what want out of all this, and show us some samples of your work.
    (Even if you don’t quite fit any of these roles but are still interested, don’t hesitate to say hello!)

    Thanks much,
    António Duarte Silva

    (Here are a few examples of what our team has been working on)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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