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    Greetings to everyone reading this.

    We here at BeastsFuryStudios are continuing to work on our 2D fighting game, "Beast's Fury".

    Beast's Fury will be a 2D, arcade-style "Fighting" game based around anthropomorphic characters. It is currently being developed by a small but passionate team of individuals, both gaming enthusiasts and professional programmers alike. The game will not only involve action, but also will feature engaging story lines, intriguing characters, exotic arenas and a killer soundtrack to boot! This is one game you won't want to miss!

    If you have any questions, please email me at beasts_fury[at]

    We have a youtube channel and facebook and twitter

    Progress of the game

    We are working on the first two characters as we speak High definition hand drawn sprites take time we will be doing live streams of this in the future if anyone is interested we are a team of six we are welcoming more help to the project if you are interested.

    Vs Screen art

    Actual in game Sprite (single frame) still work in progress
    this size is 512x512
    For Vincent we are getting all the rough animations done to get a Alpha build up in total Vincent is going to be anywhere from 1200 frames to 1500 in total.

    We are currently looking for more members to join the team we are currently only a team of six what we are looking for Programmers and 2D animators for in between frame work and clean ups

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