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    I'm Stefano and I'm developing with my friends Alberto and Giacomo a game about a cyborg bearded bear shooting aliens through time and space. It's been in development for around 2.5 years now and I already posted some updates and devlogs on IndieDB and TigSource, I hope that posting them here too will help us getting the right feedback and hopefully improve our game.

    Some screenshot

    A little mashup of the first four levels of the game (Prehistoric - Ancient egypt - Babylon - Ancient greece)
    Full size image here

    The first boss fight arena in the Colosseum

    The powerup selection menu, where you can choose both yours and enemies powerups

    Gif of one of the "combo bonuses"

    A taste of coop gameplay

    Portal effects (with a very old background)

    Brief introduction to BeardedBear
    Since it's my first post here is a little introduction to BeardedBear:
    It's a frenetic arena arcade roguelite shooter. You, the BeardedBear, are a cyborg bear with a mighty beard that allows you to travel through time. You are the only hope for humanity against the alien invasion that is attacking the planet in the past, present, and future.
    Interesting things about the game:

    • Weapons and bullets are randomized each time you pick up a new crate(Example: You may have a flamethrower that shoots fire of course but also arrows, rockets, poisonous darts and so on)
    • Custom music for every combination of weapons and bullets
    • 15 levels (4 normals + 1 boss fight)
    • You gather experience and powerups but enemies do the same
    • Random level generation
    • Level design is aimed to be as dynamic as possible and not let you rest half a second
    • Combo System grants small temporary bonuses
    • Cool pixelart
    • Local Coop and Online Coop
    • Seeded levels and Daily Challenges

    Current state
    Currently the game is halfway done, the main mechanics are ready to go as the first third of the levels.
    The rest of the game is there, but surely needs more testing, balancing, and proper graphics.
    The final version will let you loop through the 15 levels course granting a tougher challenge.

    The DevLog
    Latest changes in the game are better explained here:

    The demo
    Download the latest demo on IndieDB:
    NB: it may be detected from windows defender ( :facepalm: ) as a virus, but you can run a scan with any other trusted antivirus and it'll say it's fine and there are nothing dangerous in it.

    The Feedback we are looking for
    In this stage of the game we are looking for feedback about the general feel of the game.
    It should be hard at the very first runs, but the aim of the design is to get better and better in the game with time, so after some runs you should feel a bit more comfortable with the controls and be more fluent with the movements and the flow of the game. Also if you find any bug or something that feel wrong we are happy to hear that too!

    System requirement
    The game it should run in every windows system, better if that system has directx updated since he will see the bloom shader which is a nice touch to the game aesthetics.

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