[ANN] Challenge your friends in 5 delirious mini-games!

Discussion in 'Feedback Requests' started by SonSon, Jun 10, 2005.

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    You know... When I was working on "Smart Lines" several years ago... In AMOS... I had put a random play computer AI. I forgot about the game for some time, then I tried it one day, and I didn't even notice that the computer was playing at random :). You might think I'm stupid, but that's also the impression I get from the MinuteMatch demos.

    The opponents don't need to be smart, they just need to do something so that people can try the game when they are alone, and be happy to beat the computer ;). IMHO.

    Then you can add real AI to a next release of the game, keeping "total random" mode as the easy or normal difficulty, and adding one or two harder levels.

    That will give you a reason to release 2 updates of the game, thus returning to the top in download sites listings, being featured in game sites news...

    About C++, well, I'm programming in C. I've had a few C++ classes in school and also read a book on C++, and that language contains so much complicated stuff that I almost swore not to program in C++, ever. I mean, I already think that C is very complicated. It took me years to learn and there are still things I have trouble understanding and using. But C++ is an order of magnitude (whatever that means :p) more complicated.

    PS: I get the price in euro on the site! Even on the english page. With the language set to en-gb in Firefox.
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    Mar 18, 2005
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    I did my best to make appear cpu players non random. But of course sometimes it's visible.
    About C++ I'll have to think *Once Twice Thrice* before investing time and money into it.:)
    On the website the currency displayed is not dependent of the language used nor the browser setting. So it seems to work nicely. Thanks!

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