Animation artist to add animations to already rigged and animted meshes in 3Ds Max

Discussion in 'Help Wanted (PAID ONLY)' started by chillypacman, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. chillypacman

    chillypacman Guest

    I'm looking for super awesome animators to add animations to a (rigged and biped I believe) model I have in 3D Studio Max. The models are basically space marines with guns.

    They are animated for running, jumping, shooting etc, but need the following for my game (in order of priority as I may not need all of them):

    Throwing a Grenade

    Hanging monkey bar style (not sure what they call it, basicaly hanging from something and moving forward and backwards as if on a monkey bar)

    Climbing up ladder

    Hanging from cliff edge and climbing up from this hanging position

    Cover animation (i.e. getting behind something to cover similar to gears of war)

    Also the model needs some adjustments, currently the gun being held is a part of the rigid mesh and I would really like it not to be and have a dummy bone put in its place. This is mostly to make animations where holding the gun is not a priority easier to do.

    I'm not sure what a fair asking price for these requests are so please PM me and give me a quote with a portfolio! If you have any questions about the rigged model itself feel free to ask, not sure what aspects of animated mesh's are important to you when animating.
  2. mkovacic

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    Jul 28, 2004
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    Hi chilly,

    A few questions:
    Can you this break this down more as it's not clear what exactly you need?
    Do you just need the movement loop animation? Do you want the start moving/end moving animations (initiating a swing with legs/settling down to just hanging)? Take a look at a quick test I did to demonstrate what I'm talking about :
    What about change of direction? Jumping to/off the bars?
    Different animations for climbing up/down? Getting to and off the ladder?
    So is this just idle_pose->cover loop->idle_pose or do you need more transitions for running, etc?
    Same here, just idle_pose->grenade_throw->idle_pose?

    Actually if you could list all the animations you need in this manner (start_pose->animation->end_pose) it would help a lot. Also, is this a full on 3d game like Gears of War, 2d platformer, something else?
  3. chillypacman

    chillypacman Guest

    Fair point, I suck at English. The video you have is great and has everything I'm looking for, a start and end point is nice and turning around is just a bonus (I can just as well geta way with a 90 degree rotation).

    The only difference I would like in mine is that in the still version of the hanging the person is holding up a gun, all I actually need is an outstretched arm so it shouldn't be too different to what you have demo'd.

    If the animation transition doesn't look nice then getting on/off the ladder would be important, the going down a ladder animation could just be a shimmy so it wouldn't be as much work.

    Ideally both a from running to cover and from idle to cover however I don't think it matters if there is an idle to cover as a run to cover might work almost as well. LIke I said I'm not very experienced in animations so I'm not sure what will work better.

    Yep, just idle->grenade throw->idle.

    So to add to my original list:

    jump animation->idle->movement animation->stop animation

    idle->transition to ladder->climb up ladder->tranistion to standing->transition to shimmy down ladder

    running->cover->shooting from cover->getting back into cover

    The game will be a 3D side scroller but may have some elements of more 3D gameplay, i.e. where cover is needed, but at no point will it be a strict gears of war style third person run to cover+shoot.

    I might not be making all that much sense right now as it's 5am but I think I've covered most of it.
  4. mkovacic

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    If you have animation blending in-engine, I'd do idle->cover first and try to use that for running, too. But it can work the other way around as well.

    Yup. I'd say 350 EUR for the lot. I'd need about a week to do it, but I'm not really available until the 22th. Let me know if this works for you.

    Animation reel:
    more stuff here:
  5. chillypacman

    chillypacman Guest

    Ah cool, I'll keep you in mind then :)

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