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    As usual, thank you to everyone who has played any of my games thus far. This game (as with all of my other programs and games) is free to play with ads. This was my first attempt at trying to play around with open-world or rpg type dynamics (outside of Countries) in any of my games. Anyway, without further ado, here it is...


    Please excuse the quality/fps and editing of this (and the little bit of mouse action at the end). I kinda screwed it up (this was also like the 8th iteration of this I did, and it was still the best one), but it's the first trailer type thing I've ever made and I'm honestly just excited to have done something like this at all. Hopefully this should at least give you a good look at what the game is like in the event that the trailer itself sucks. You get higher framerates in game, I just have not great recording software atm.

    Google Play Store Link: Starclout - Apps on Google Play

    NOTICE - This game may take a few seconds to load, depending on your device.

    Starclout is a 2D space shooter game with various rpg elements.

    In the mid-25th century, the fate of the galaxy is uncertain. Half a decade of conflict has laid waste to many star systems, and billions of humans (among other beings) have been enslaved by the 'Greater Order', a violent xenophobic organization that is operated the Repzid. Due to the war, the demand for fleet captains has skyrocketed, which is where you come in.
    You may play as a member of any of the five species in the game (Aqaedor, Drek, Human, Mojin, Repzid). You have just received your "Captain's License" after years of hard work. You've also saved quite well during this time and have recently purchased a civilian-class ship. As the captain of a vessel, you may travel the galaxy freely. It is up to you as to whether or not you save or destroy anything. Fight on behalf of your government, or against it.

    In Starclout, you can buy ships, own fleets, build stuff, travel the galaxy (open-world), shoot stuff, do trade missions, gamble, and more. There is also an in-game radio that was mostly cut due to technical limitations (if you would like to listen to the full-soundtrack during play or otherwise, the link will be provided below).

    Starclout Official Soundtrack:

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