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Discussion in 'Feedback Requests' started by Kupferrot, May 31, 2021.

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    Hello you wonderful people,

    I am currently looking to get some specific feedback for my game. What exactly I am looking for will be discussed further below. Let me first introduce you to the game that I am talking about.

    Long Story short, I challenged myself to create and release 3 games, this is my second attempt and was released a few months ago. I added several patches since the initial release. Since reading is boring, I would rather show you a little trailer:

    As you can see it is a simple tower defense game, it has several levels, items to collect and bosses to defeat. You are able to control one of the towers yourself which is very important to beat the levels. Also included is a small sandbox mode to spawn asteroids freely. I will soon add another patch to implement more buildings and some spells to use.

    Now lets talk about the feedback I hope to receive.
    I had the goal to achieve 100 downloads and by now I am sitting at 1400. However, I can see that a big amount of the players uninstall the game rather quickly, which means a good amount will just play the tutorial and/or the first level and then uninstall.

    As I am trying to improve I would love to know why that is the case. I would be very happy if you can give the game a try and tell me what could make you uninstall it, or what bothers you so much that you wouldn't play the game. Is it the graphics, gameplay or maybe the tutorial isn't good enough? I encourage you to criticize me!

    Planet Tower Defense TD - Game – Apps bei Google Play

    Because most of the people here are probably developers, I also have a small time lapse video about the development, maybe you find that interesting:

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