[ANDROID][GAME] Angry Paper Soldiers VS Space Invaders

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    The Angry Paper Soldiers home planet is being invaded by Paper Space Invaders. You must take control over the Angry Paper Soldier Commander and overcome the Paper Alien Space Invaders.

    In this Space Invaders shooting game, you will face an increasingly number of paper alien enemies and sometimes hard paper alien bosses. As the game progresses, you will earn coins to both buy more angry paper soldiers and to upgrade your angry paper soldiers firepower.

    This game is designed as a blend between the good old classic arcade game Space Invaders and the new modern Ball Blasting games.

    The game is graphically designed as if it is hand-drawn with pencil and is played on a piece of A4 paper.

    In each level of the game you must fight 3 waves of Space Invaders. Often the attacking Space Invaders start flying in the sky, but as you damage them, they divide into smaller spaceships jumping around like balls.

    In every 4th level you are attacked by a Space Invader Boss who is extra hard to overcome.

    Angry Paper Soldiers VS Space Invaders is a highly addictive blend between the classic arcade shooter game and the modern Ball Blasting games.


    Feedback is very welcome!

    See more at http://www.thorgames.dk
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    Hi ThorGames,
    When I created my first game, I too went straight to forums for testing. However, I wasn't getting any responses, so I asked a few of my peers where they got their testing, and one of them said that they got it from this company called Zigantic. So I went to them, and I told them that I was on a low budget, and couldn't afford anything too expensive for my game testing. They totally understood and gave me the testing for just $2 per response. They even gave me the analytics for all the responses. I highly suggest using their service.
    Hope this helps [​IMG]

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