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    Countries is a small-scale text-based nation simulator. It allows you to create and manage a nation. You may try your hand in a world with up to 10 different randomly generated AI nations at a time. You have the option to trade, create cities, maintain an army, and more! Wage wars or make friends, the choice is yours! This game is in early access and is still undergoing changes.

    Platform: Android
    Rating: E10+
    Google Play Link: Countries: A Nation Simulator - Apps on Google Play


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    Dec 11, 2021
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    Version 0.5 has been released!

    CHANGELOG (0.5) - 1/11/2022
    * Added tablet support (supports rotation).
    * Added 'Public Health' resource and a simple health system (with buildings).
    * Added 'Military Draft' system, new laws, and a 'Surrender' option in war-time.
    * Added 'GDP' to the economics section.
    * Added 'Heirs', 'Elections', 'Culture Groups', and randomized leader death.
    * Re-balanced resources, added history, fixed multiple bugs.
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    Dec 11, 2021
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    Version 0.6 has been released!

    CHANGELOG (0.6) - 3/26/2022
    * Added 50+ new possible leader names (eastern & western).
    * Added 100+ new possible AI nation names.
    * Added AI Governments & Trade Embargoes.
    * Added AI Cultures.
    * Added end-game stats & more history reports.
    * Added espionage options.
    * Allies will now attack other nations on your behalf during wars.
    * Allies can now be attacked by a capable enemy.
    * Balanced difficulties even more.
    * Removed bug reporter.
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    Dec 11, 2021
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    Version 0.7 has been released!

    CHANGELOG (0.7) - 5/28/2022
    * Added custom flags.
    * Added leaders for AI nations.
    * Added option to sell 1000 of each item in the trade menu.
    * Added more legal options (slavery, civil rights suspension, and reproductive sanctions).
    * Added 80+ names to the mid-eastern and eastern culture groups.
    * Added 'Slavic' culture group.
    * Revolts now reset your laws too.
    * Increased the amount of food the population needs in all difficulty modes for balance.
    * Fixed resources cutting off of screens for larger tablets.
    * Fixed nukes needing 'lead to launch' glitch.
    * Fixed government takeover not resetting relations.
    * Fixed 5 save overflow error.
    * Fixed load menu.
    * Multiple UI fixes for both tablets and portraits.
    * Toned down the amount of lead that your soldiers require turn per turn.
    * Toned down draft troop limits, but you draft more troops on average per draft.
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    Dec 11, 2021
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    Version 0.8 has been released!

    CHANGELOG (0.8) - 'Big Upd.'
    Added political parties.
    Added military training system.
    AI grows much faster on hard mode.
    Education buildings now produce more education per turn (8, 16, 32, 64).
    Overhauled elections. They are now dictated by party influences.
    Having a government type with elections now lowers revolt risk.
    Election frequency default is now 16 turns instead of 8.
    Changed 'Main Menu' button to 'Random' in the Nation Creator.
    Changed food loss modifiers. You now lose a bit more food than before.
    Assassinations now go down in history.
    Fixed education log disappearance when you have excellent education.
    Added crime & police.
    Added HDI (located in stats screen).
    Added 'Quality of Life'.
    Revolts now slash crime and increase the quality of life for a time.
    AI now has happiness, quality of life, and simple HDI comparison calculations.
    Famines now go down in history.
    Overhauled end-game.
    Added end-game traits.
    Increased the limit of AI nations per game to 20.
    Added 13 end-game traits.
    Added 2 new buildings.
    Added simple propaganda system.
    Updated Ad SDK.
    Removed 'Watch an Ad - Get a Resource'[/QUOTE]

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