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    At first glance Aker is an X-COM : UFO Defense inspired game. There's certainly some truth to that in terms of the grand gist of the game but there are key differences, other sources of inspirations and new ideas that I believe will make Aker a unique experience.

    Realtime Strategy
    This is probably the biggest difference between Aker and X-COM, Aker will not be turn based, instead it will be realtime. Missions will have a relatively slow and intense tempo rather than full on action tempo. Intercepting alien crafts will be similar in style to Homeworld, you will have squadrons that you give orders to as you watch the combat up close in realtime.

    Levels, aliens, weapons and alien crafts will be generated visually as well as abilities, offering a new challenge for the player in every play-through. Soldiers and employees are generated not only in their faces and stats but also their body proportion, fatness, animation and sound.

    Resource Management
    Anything you can manufacture or build requires different materials. Your employees need food and your crafts need fuel. All of these resources can be acquired by building resource companies in countries that trust you. Different countries offer different materials in different quantities. Where to find materials and their quantity will vary every time you start a new game.

    Cooperative Campaign
    At the moment this is just a wish rather than a promised feature but if the community demands it frequently it may very well become a priority :)

    Here is the first Video Log

    And you can try the globe demo for yourself HERE!

    Here are some weapons generated at the click of a button by my weapon generator =)

    The generator tool is not designed specifically for weapons but is instead an all around generator that allows the user to design what the tool is suppose to generate. This means you can design the generator so it generates vehicles, buildings, props and well, pretty much anything. The generator tool creates a final GameObject that you can simply save as a prefab, so it can be used for creating pre-made assets as well as generating assets ingame in realtime. Even if generated assets is of no interest, the generator acts more or less as a free concept artist =)

    I am strongly contemplating releasing it on the asset store if sufficient interest arises.

    For more info, you can check out the game on IndieDB HERE!
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