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  1. Danny_SS

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    Mar 11, 2021
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    Hello fellow devs and enthusiasts,
    We are full-time gamers and part-time entrepreneurs. We know about game dev through our roomies who are Indies. They used to rant about the high prices, low consistency, and problems with iterations on Fiverr and related services for their projects. We spoke some more and realized that getting voices in projects sucked big time. You have to find and cast actors, find recording studios, provide direction and do post-production, and in the end, they had to make multiple cuts from what they had imagined their story to become.
    So, we created human-like AI voices that can scream, laugh, cry, and even smile! They can sound out of breath, terrified, scared, disgusted, and show other deep emotions. All you have to do is type your dialogues, select your voice (hero, villain, NPC, merchant, kid, teenager, etc), pick an emotion, and click to export!
    Check out a horror story ( narrated by our AI (one min)

    We would love any critical feedback you have on this. Rip our company apart, we promise we won’t get offended. Also, You might have seen this post on multiple other channels and forums, we're trying to get this out to as many interested folks, who will be given early access and help us mold the product better.

    P.S. if you're interested, you can sign up for our waitlist - ( or check out our launch (

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