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    Are you in love with the appeal of Tower Defense, but there just isn't anything out there to satisfy you? That's what I feel, so in an attempt I started a project with a friend of mine to create something similar, a PvP based Tower Wars game!

    Crestfallen TLW presents a huge variety with a new genre of tower defense that has been in the shadow for quite some time, Tower Wars. Set in an arena, there are two lanes where you'll be battling to take down the enemies castle by sending waves of a variety different creatures to defeat their maze.

    Core Mechanics:

    • Create a unique maze for the enemies to walk through
      ( Use your creativity to create the most effective defense with different damage types and effects.)
    • Be the one sending the waves!
      ( For each creature sent you'll get an increased income depending on the strength of the creature. Remember to see what the opponents maze is strong n weak against and adapt your play style accordingly)
    • Unique Creatures!!
      (There are different creature types and each have their own different ability, could be a boss resurrecting their dead comrades or buffing their already alive comrades with a defense and speed aura.)
    • Even the player has an impact(You, the player will also have an impact with unique spells assigned to your character, both offensive and defensive).

      (There you can see the very early preview of the arena. A lane where you'll be able to create an efficient maze)


      There will be a wide variety of towers with different mechanics and effects, but also different damage types which affects the effectiveness depending on the creatures armor.
      Projectile types:​
      • Splash ( One projectile that damages everyone inside a certain radius of the impact, super effective against bunched up enemies.)
      • Multi shot ( Several projectile that are especially effective with effects that can impact several enemies. Especially effective against enemies that are spread around.)
      • Single target ( Higher concentrated damage on a single target, effective against stronger creatures)

      Effect Types:

      - Slow ( Slows down the creatures movement, percentage can vary )
      - Stun ( Immobilizes the creature for a set amount of time )
      - Burn ( Causes fire damage over a certain amount of time )
      - Poison ( Causes poison damage over a certain amount of time )

      Armor Types:
      - Fortified armor
      - Normal armor
      - Light armor
      - Chaos armor
      - Hero armor

      Damage Types:

      - Siege
      - Piercing
      - Normal
      - Chaos
      - ??

      When creating a maze it's important to take into consideration what tower you place, what kind of effect and projectile type it has and what kind of armor type it's effective against. An example of this.

      Ice Fountain
      Effect = Slow
      Projectile = Multi Shot
      Damage type = Piercing
      Description: This ice fountain with floating crystals attacks by shooting projectiles of hardened ice, piercing the opponents while applying a slow effect decreasing the creature's movement speed with 20%

      Fortified: 50%
      Piercing: 140
      Normal: 100%
      Chaos: 60%

    So far we've gone through the core mechanics, towers, what the game is about. Although there is one final thing I want to explain.


    - Flying ( Creatures that will fly over the maze, they're quick but fragile)

    - Melee ( Creatures that will intentionally attack and damage towers! They won't give you a win but they can definitely deal some damage to the opponents maze.

    - Bosses ( Creatures with special abilities and spells that gives an advantage

    - Normal Creeps ( Might have some smaller kind of aura, they're supposed to be mass sent )


    The Casual versus the Competitive

    This game offers high micro management capabilities, instead of having our inbuilt creature targeting system, you can put towers into groups and target each creature individually by maxing out the towers capability which grants an advantage. This combined being able to keep building, improving and sending creatures gives room for a high skill ceiling where one can improve a lot.

    However this is not necessary due to the inbuilt creature targeting system which means everyone can enjoy this game!

    Feel free to hop on discord and have a chat with me!

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