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Discussion in 'Indie Basics' started by Rip Koko, Dec 10, 2016.

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    I may or may not have posted the exact same text on reddit.com/gamedev

    I am about to start my new game developement journey and I need advice and tips on where to start learning specific things. I'm also doing this with a friend. We decided that we are going to learn in parallel.

    1 - Programming I was always sceptical of coding. Until I decided to try it. It was a bit difficult from the beggining.Good news, the basics I learned (starting off in C++) made me realise that I actually like programming. Bad news, I gave up a lot and returned to it again so many times that I lost track. So basically I need tutorials and communities to help me start learning C++ from scratch.

    2 - Pixel Art and 3D Modeling This category falls down to my friend. But unfortunately, it happened all the same as it happened to me with programming. We descovered Pixel Prospector, but other basic tutorials for pixel art would be great. When we decide to start developing 3D games, he'll be using blender. Any extra tips would be great.

    3 - Level Design We know jack s*it about level design. This is what we'll focus on learning together. We don't know of any website, forum or anything really concerning level design. Tell us what you know.

    4 - Game Engines The first engine we want to use is Game Maker: Studio. Because Game Maker has a free liscence only for Windows exports, we'll have to move to another engine afterwards. Specifically for Android development. That being said, is it even worth using Game Maker or should we go straight to a free liscenced multi-platform engine? Keep in mind, our final goal is Unity.

    5 - Audio and Music This will most likely be my part. I'm trying out LMMS and, to my knowledge, it's more for oldschool music which is fine for now. If you know of any other (more proffesional), FREE music development software I would be very greatful.

    That's all for now. If you have any other extra tips and tricks or things you wish you knew, please be free to tell them. Thank you so much in advance! You guys are awesome! :)

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