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    Hey yo we have new model again ^^ It's the Dragon Worm



    The player is like "I'm safe now..",and the Dragon Worm is like "Booya!!!" when it pops up from the ground and rips him apart ^^. Dragon Worms usually hide underground and attack their prey using their strong jaws and deadly poison.
    This model is so carefully made we even make some saliva in the mouth:




    The model comes with an opacity mapped sand prop so it'll blend nicely into your map. As usual, Dragon Worm is fully tested in Unity and come with unity pack^^
    Also it comes with Realm Crafter, Esenthel, iClone, 3dGameStudio and a lot of other game formats ^^


    First week price is $9 only (you save $9) ^^ Yayy, hurry get it at: http://3dfoin.com

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