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    I specialize in creating graphics for 2D indie games. One of the projects I've worked on is '911 Operator', which you might be familiar with.
    I did a lot of work dedicated for the UNITY 3D engine so I'm familiar with it's technical requirements.

    I am also capable of creating illustration and concept art.

    I have expertise in creating assets such as:
    • backgrounds (tiles)
    • in-game architecture
    • character design and 2D character animations
    • logos
    • GUI
    • icons

    I have a fixed rate of 25 USD/hr

    Take a look at my portfolio at


    and if you are interested, write me your details.

    Let's make your project come to life!

    sample#1 Elementals

    sample#2 Character animations


    sample#4 GUI

    sample#5, From Shadows: Gameplay


    sample#6 Tour de Maps

    sample#7 Assets Enlarged

    sample #8 Concept Art

    More on my portfolio site,
    have a wonderful day.
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