2.5D Platformer Game looking for C# Programmer (Unity)

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    We are small team of two people working on 2.5D platformer game looking for additional programmer.

    Player is controlling a character who is equipped with experimental suit that has ability to change reality.
    Gameplay is about running, jumping, evading obstacles... On top of that our character has an ability to change environment interactivity. We call it shifting. Feature is currently being reworked so it is not presented in gameplay video listed below.To get some kind of idea; it is like a mix of core features from Giana Sisters and Slip. But again, it is quite different. Shifting allows you to jump between two worlds and in each world you can interact with different entities.For example; Jump to "world B" to dodge enemies or to go through obstacles.
    Giana Sisters - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxXN5JNQlKM
    Slip - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=225021518

    Early Work in Progress Demo Preview:
    Lag on video is caused by recording app.
    v2.x :
    Please keep in mind that this is very early work in progress and will improve over time, visually and technically. We have been working on this game for just few days now.There is still a lot to do. Even for "small" project like this. But we are determined to follow it through.

    We are currently working towards version 3 where we are trying to get our core feature fully operational. Feature is currently in prototype stage and has to be reworked a bit so it's visually appealing and user friendly to use. Technically it will work the same, but some things have to be tweaked.

    We are 2 people in the team currently. Me and one programmer. There is one more programmer with us but he is busy until mid September and we could really use some help with code to speed up the process...

    So if you are a dedicated person and are interested into working with us on this project let us know!
    Serious inquiries only!

    There are some requirements:
    Experienced with C# and Unity (no beginners)
    Determined - completing your activities
    Available through Skype, and preferably similar time zone (+1).
    Age of 21 or more (exceptions are possible)

    You can send me private message, send me an email at dtlendvaj@gmail.com or add me on skype as tigerija.

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    Bump / Update.

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