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    13 RONIN
    13 RONIN is a 2D pixel art samurai sword fighting game inspired by old japanese samurai movies and 8-bit classics such as Barbarian and The Way Of The Exploding Fist. Your mission as a noble samurai is to defeat 13 renegade ronin and their murderous leader. Although done in low resolution pixel art the game will have an somewhat “arty” aesthetic in black and white mixed with details in color.

    Who am I?
    I’m a 40 year old Swede with about 17 years of professional experience working as a .Net developer. To make a game has been a dream ever since I as a child learned to write a “guess a number”-game on my Commodore 64. Now I’m trying to fulfill that dream.

    I’m the sole developer behind this project and I’m doing it as an sparetime project so please be patient.

    The main structure of the game and basic gameplay, based on placeholder graphics, is done and I’m currently switching between drawing assets and coding graphic effects like rain and lightning.

    I’m quit often updating my dev blog with short posts about the progress I make. A post can contain a new animation, a sound effect, a code sample or something else related to the making of 13 RONIN. On this and other forums I will post updates, that are longer than those on my site, but not as often.

    To help and inspire the community I will share tools and parts of the code on my BitBucket-page.

    My current goal is to get a demo finished and released. The demo will only contain 1 or maybe 2 different opponents but otherwise be a fully playable game. This version will be absolutely free.

    The full game will contain 13 levels, all with different enemies, backgrounds and background animations. This version will be priced as other games of similar scope.

    Currently I’m aiming for a PC release but other platforms might follow.


    Happy coding!

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