“Drova - The Arena”: A fast-paced arena challenge

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    Dear indiegamer Community,

    Do you miss classic RPGs that require you to find your way around the world and solve quests by yourself? Do you want to find your own adventures instead of the game taking you by the hand? Are you sick of blindly following quest markers until entering the next cutscene, rinse and repeat?

    So are we! And that’s why we decided to develop a 2D-RPG called “Drova - Forsaken Kin”, which will revive these aspects of old roleplaying games. We want the world itself to tell our story, players should be rewarded for listening carefully, examining their surroundings and following their instincts. Our inspiration for this comes from classics like “Morrowind”, “Gothic” or the first “Witcher” games. Developing a game like this is really complex and we believe this can’t be achieved without feedback from the community that will ultimately be playing the game.

    This is where YOU come into play.
    Our innovative concept for “Drova - The Arena” involves gathering feedback from our players about certain features like the combat system, spells or enemy AI. In order for this to work, we created an arena mode with multiple waves of enemies for you to defeat. We’re currently in the first season but we’re planning to do multiple seasons up until the release of the final game in 2023 to design all of our systems alongside you. Players are given a score for each run of “The Arena”, e.g. for a particularly fast run or a run with next to no damage received.

    There’s even a prize for all participants!
    You always wanted to be a quest NPC in a game? Or see a statue of yourself in a game’s world? The person with the highest score at the end of a given season will be immortalized in the final game! Moreover, you’ll earn the exclusive title of “Gladiator” on our community Discord server, a statue of yourself in The Arena and you will be mentioned in the credits.

    But even if you’re not ambitious enough to claim the title of Gladiator, there’s something in it for you. Among all participants, we will raffle a 50€ coupon. All you need to do is to perform a registration for The Arena on our community Discord server by requesting a key from our Arena Lord bot and inserting that key in the main menu of the game.

    The prize competition is still going up until 21 September 11:59 PM CET. If you’re registered and you submitted at least one score to the scoreboard, you’re eligible for the raffle.

    Is it still kind of hard to grasp what The Arena is? We’ve prepared a little Gameplay Trailer for you to watch:

    And lastly, all of the links to our game. If you intend to play The Arena on Steam, you will have to install “Drova - Teaser” and choose The Arena from the launcher.

    Itch: https://just2d.itch.io/drova-the-arena
    Our Community Discord: https://discord.gg/nZF8hYet8Q
    Website: https://just2d.com/

    Become a gladiator! Claim your fame and become immortal! Influence the development of an RPG to make it exactly the game you want to play!

    Kind regards,


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