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    Whilst checking out some titles for Tuna Snax (now in open beta, please drop by and help us tweak it!), I came across the new Chromadrome 2. To be honest I wasn't familiar with the first game but I really do love this sequel.

    Very much for "real" gamers (err, as opposed to casual) but totally takes me back to my 16 bit and arcade days.

    Would love to know of any other indie games that I've missed.
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    Funny you mention that game because I was thinking the same thing about it. I downloaded last night and me, my 12yr old son and 7yr old nephew played out the trial. When my wife came by my office it actually spawned an interisting conversation about drugs, hippies and hypnosis. I actually had to explain to the kiddies about mind-altering drugs etc....

    Anyway I love this game and will definitely buy!!
    Stanley D. Chatman
    Golden Doodle Games

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