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Thread: [PAID] Seeking Composers & SFX Designers for Viking Action-RPG

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    Default [PAID] Seeking Composers & SFX Designers for Viking Action-RPG

    We are currently working on a game tentatively titled Loaded. It is a 2D side scrolling beat em up RPG heavily inspired by Norse Mythology. The game is heavily focused on Norse Gods, couch co-op, combat and acquiring loot. We are starting to look into finding composers / sfx designers and would like to find someone earlier in the development cycle.

    Here are some references for what we are currently looking for:


    God of War Series:
    complete soundtrack:

    Pirates of the Caribbean:

    Diablo 3:

    Two Steps from Hell (Heart of Courage):
    ( invincible):

    We are looking for that over the top sound especially found in Two Steps from Hell and the Skyrim soundtrack. Non conflict situations would have a bit more lighthearted similar to something found in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    To avoid sounding too bland we are also looking to have traditional Viking instruments used in the soundtrack. These would probably be more subtle but could add a lot ( we would be trusting in the composer we work with on that).

    Here are some references:

    Actual instument reference:

    I hope that helps give an idea of what we are going to be looking for.

    If anyone is interested in the project feel free to get in touch with me:
    andrew ( at ) ratdoggames ( dot ) com

    Please keep in mind that we always ask for at least one sample track to be made before we start working with anyone on a project ( to make sure they can create the sound we are looking for). Giving us a rough idea of what you charge per minute / track / sfx is also very helpful.

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    Email sent off - best of luck in your search!
    Nathan Madsen
    Composer-Sound Designer Austin, TX USA

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    Hey Andrew,

    Email Sent! Look forward to chatting. - J
    Creative Audio Defined Website
    Music & Sound Design Showreel
    Tm: +44 (0) 77258 75548 :: Skype: Jmelew

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    Sent an email. Good luck!

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    Hi Andrew, Ive sent you an email regarding this project.

    Feel free to check out my portfolio

    Paul Graham, Bastion Music

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