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Thread: Does anyone know a voice recording service?

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    Default Does anyone know a voice recording service?


    I need something fairly specific and I'm having great trouble simply googling for it.

    I have a big list of short lines that I would like to be recorded. The catch is that I need these also recorded in several different languages.

    They have all been translated already, but I would need a few native speakers to record the lines at a professional recording studio.

    Does anyone know of a company that can provide this service?



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    Speak to a guy called Ed Mace at

    I don't know if he does non-English stuff but for English he's first rate. If he can't do it then i'd trust any recommendation he has.

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    We used Ed Mace for Island of Lost Souls. Would also highly recommend him - great results, quick and really responsive. We found him using, a really good service and the quality we ended up with from both male\female voiceovers was superb.

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    There's a place called whee a pro voice over can record a pro voice for you for only $5.
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