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    Default Where would you start?

    I'm currently trying to learn C# so I can eventually develop a 2D Platformer, I was learning how to use Java but once I noticed that it was probably going to be a huge waste of time I moved onto XNA. If anyone who has experience with this language and could maybe provide me with some links/advice (nothing outdated please!) that'd be great.
    Thanks in advance.

    Note: I do notice I put the bar quite high when I talk about creating a 2D platformer even though I haven't even started using XNA yet, I only included it incase anyone was curious for some unknown reason.

    Also if anyone has skype and wouldn't mind adding me incase I had any questions during my "adventure" I'd be most grateful!

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    Learning Java is not a waste of time. There are thousands of projects being written in Java.

    Are you learning XNA to be able to write a platformer or do you want to write a platformer and see XNA as your preferred language? Do you have any programming experience?

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    They're all just tools. Pick one you like, that gets the job done. Preferably, learn a few different ones over time, so you have options depending on what you're doing, what platforms you're targeting etc.

    As to "waste of time", relying on anything that's closed and proprietary is a risk factor. It may be abandoned before you stop using it, or it may never be ported to platforms you're interested in deploying to. Oracle seems to be neglecting Java, while XNA is "officially" only available on Microsoft platforms - but, there are alternative implementations of Java, C# and recently also XNA, so that might not be an issue. However, always do a bit of research before investing a lot of time in things.
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    Hasn't XNA been officially discontinued by Microsoft. I don't know the details, but you should look into that, I believe you can continue to develop for it, but it'll slowly wither away over the next few years without Microsoft's support. Also, it's perfectly possible to make games using Java (e.g. Revenge of the Titans), so I wouldn't call it a huge waste of time.

    My advice to most beginners would be to go with Unity, you can use C# there and have a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing your target platform, and it's very popular which means plenty of tutorials, support and helpful forums.

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    Hasn't XNA been officially discontinued by Microsoft?

    Ithas but I think it's just support and new development for XNA that is over, you can still use it to develop new games. I doubt access to it will be removed any time soon.

    There is also the Mono version of XNA. Being open source anyone can contribute and continue development.

    So you may as well keep using it for the time being, at least until MS releases the next framework.

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