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Thread: A guy with ideas looking for people who can/want to program

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    Default A guy with ideas looking for people who can/want to program

    So I often come up with ideas for games and storylines and such, but I don't know anyone who can program. I'm an artist and composer, and come up with these ideas, but have no way of knowing if they're achievable, decent or for them to come to life.

    I've always dreamed of knowing a person or a group of people that I could discuss these things with, casual conversations, etc. I'm not looking for professionals, in fact, if you're a beginner, it'll be the start of an experience for both of us! I'm not pro at art or composing, so don't expect anything out of the ordinary from me, but I'm striving to improve right now.

    Thanks for looking, I look forward to any replies

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    Hi I am kind of non-pro I just finished my first app game. I'd love to discuss about game ideas.

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    Hi, I finished a book about programing my self. I far from pro infact I so faraway from pro I am in a nother planet, in a different solar system, in another Galaxy in a nother universe. But I love to discuss game ideas, BTW if your wondering what book it is
    "Beginning Programing all-in-one desk reference For Dummies" By Wallace Wang.

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    Im decent at programming, I mean, im not the greatest in the world, but I can code in several different languages including all the C languages, and Java, HTML/CSS, learning Python, and PHP and networking...
    I am a ideas person myself, so id love to discuss ideas, and we could possibly even create these ideas...

    You can contact me by any forms of your choice below:
    Skype: Dibbie1337
    Xfire: Dibbie33
    Steam: Ask for my steam

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