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Thread: FREE 2d artist for hire

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    Default FREE 2d artist for hire

    Do you need custom 2d artwork for your game at no charge?
    I can draw for you artwork at no charge so long as you download it in a certain way. That's all. I get paid through downloads. I can create almost anything you like that can be drawn for you for free.

    I need to know the your specification for your art before creating it obviously.

    PM/email me.

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    What is the 'certain way' it must be downloaded?

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    Yes please give more details!

    Can't PM or find your email so guessing this could be spam?
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    Yeah, I would very much like to know 'what way' is that...

    Edit: So, you have no visible email on your profile, it's not possible to send you a 'PM'... I have the feeling we're never going to hear about this again O_o
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    Is this still available? I'm guessing this is through one of the PPD sites. I'm cool with that. I've only got a few things to have created and can send at least a dozen downloads your way outside of just me.

    I need some pixel art done, very simple 6 frame animations.

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