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Thread: Software to Capture On Device Game Trailers

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    Default Software to Capture On Device Game Trailers

    What software do most of indie game folks use to capture game trailers played on an mobile device as opposed to setting up a video camera aimed at the device?

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    I usually capture from de simulator... but would like to know if there are other solutions as well. Thanks
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    Just to be clear I am asking about capturing the game play on a mobile device like the iPhone and iPad.

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    One solution is to buy a standalone device that takes HDMI, like the Hauppauge HD PVR 2, and then buy a HDMI cable for your iOS or Android device, and use those together. The HD PVR 2 has software that will put the recording on your hdd.

    Or if you want to capture from iOS devices using software only, you could use, which will allow you to use AirPlay to send the display on your iOS device to your Mac/PC, and then you can record on your Mac using e.g. Screeny or Screenium, or on PC using Fraps etc.

    Probably lots of other alternatives though. Using a device that takes HDMI is most likely the most reliable one, as can be pretty CPU heavy.

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    I can't refer you to software.
    But if you want the best possible quality and a lot of convenience, go the hardware route.
    It is not cheap, but this device delivers the goods:
    You can make high res 60fps movies with it, even lossless if you want.

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    You will also need an HDMI adapter for your device, either 30pin or lightning.

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