Looking for someone to program a 2D runner game to be posted on Google Play Store

The game will be like Doodle Jump and other runner games combined, before starting you can choose whether to jump up, run right, or fall down.. the aim being to get as far as possible before dying.

As this is my first game I can only afford to pay between $150-$200 but once I have a game released I will be able to increase this dramatically.

Future Projects being:
  • Sudoku Ultimate
  • Gameboy Pokemon-esque style game
  • Retro Fighting Games
  • Professor Layton Style Puzzle Game
  • RPG's with custom storyline, artwork, and music
  • Farming Simulator/RPG Cross
  • Etc
  • Cave Escape

If interested, please contact me by email: Stingoandskitters@gmail.com
or a private message

Thank you