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    Default Crazy Defense 3D<Tower Defense game>

    Hello everyone!EtorkiGames is a newbie spanish game developer company =).

    This is our first game, it is being developed in Unity 3D.

    You can see more information at:
    Facebook page :

    About the game:

    Crazy Defense is being finished, and it will be available for play on Android/Ios mobiles platforms.
    This is a Tower Defense game, where you manage "Dan", a man who is though to be crazy.
    Dan has been trapped and carried to a Psychiatric center, where your adventure starts.

    Dan is going to get an incredible power from psychiatric pills, and you have the control of that power to save Dan while he escape from that place.

    Here a recent gameplay!

    We would like to receive all sort of opinions


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    I love the art style and unusual concept. Good luck!

    Nathan Madsen
    Composer-Sound Designer Austin, TX USA

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    the setting is cute! love the crazy hairy dude

    What business model are you going for? Are you planning to support or extend it post release?

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