1)Which has better performance(crashing ,fbs ,battery usage , loading time ,etc)?

2)Does Game-maker studio really save 80% of the time taken to make the game?

3)Does Game-maker studio limit my options? I want to make games in the complexity level of monster shooter or hungry shark or subway surfers (only 2D).

4)How much time does it take to master each one? (Note:I am really good in looping but i have no idea what are the arrays , memory stuff & data algorithms that some people said i should know first ,but if i have to i will learn them ,I love the logical stuff)

5)Response to touching and tilting of the device?

6)Is Game-maker studio more fun?

7)Is it easier to fix mistakes in Game-maker studio?

8)Is game-maker studio open-source game engine too (this means i can update the game right?

9)Anything i forgot u can add.

Note: I choose gamemaker studio instead of game salad and the other ones because it is the cheapest and seems very user-friendly but if u know something better please tell me.

Thanks in advance.