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Thread: What are the pros and cons of cocos2d-x and Game-maker studio?

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    Talking What are the pros and cons of cocos2d-x and Game-maker studio?

    1)Which has better performance(crashing ,fbs ,battery usage , loading time ,etc)?

    2)Does Game-maker studio really save 80% of the time taken to make the game?

    3)Does Game-maker studio limit my options? I want to make games in the complexity level of monster shooter or hungry shark or subway surfers (only 2D).

    4)How much time does it take to master each one? (Note:I am really good in looping but i have no idea what are the arrays , memory stuff & data algorithms that some people said i should know first ,but if i have to i will learn them ,I love the logical stuff)

    5)Response to touching and tilting of the device?

    6)Is Game-maker studio more fun?

    7)Is it easier to fix mistakes in Game-maker studio?

    8)Is game-maker studio open-source game engine too (this means i can update the game right?

    9)Anything i forgot u can add.

    Note: I choose gamemaker studio instead of game salad and the other ones because it is the cheapest and seems very user-friendly but if u know something better please tell me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Having only used game maker out of those two I cannot compare them, but there is hardly anything in 2D that cannot be done in GameMaker. It was almost instant for me learn the drag and drop interface, and GML is easier than most scripting languages. GameMaker's debugging is a little bit lacking, and it's performance is far from perfect, but with the standard version it has features to port to steam, which I have found very useful.

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    As far I know, Game Maker Studio is really a good software to create 2D games. It takes quite less time to make a game look presentable. GML is also easy to learn and to apply in game projects. I would recommend you to use Game Maker Studio.
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    My background is in design, not programming. And this is what GameMaker is all about — allowing creatives to make quality games within a reasonable timeframe, without requiring extensive technical knowledge. It’s simply the quickest way to turn your vision into actual gameplay, while still remaining robust enough for complex projects.

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