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Thread: Tainted Fate - unveiling of my new game!

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    Default Tainted Fate - unveiling of my new game!

    Hello lovely people of the indiegamer forums, the last time I showed you my game SickBrick, you had nothing but praise and constructive criticism for me. So I decided to show you my next game, Tainted Fate!

    Tainted Fate is a horror adventure game played with two protagonists with original gameplay features.
    Main site:

    PreAlpha video:

    If you like what you see and would like to support the development of the game, I've got a funding campaign going at:
    If you can't contribute, at least share the campaign on google+, facebook and other sites as much as you can.


    For bigger and more screenshots head to the main site:


    Played in first person, it immerses you into a dynamic story that depends on your decisions featuring two protagonists in different timelines on the same island.
    Escape horrifying monsters, solve puzzles and make decisions that will alter yourself and the shape of the world.


    The first storyline set in the 1940's follows a man convicted of murder and sent off to the island for the rest of his life. Soon after being dropped off, strange things start to happen as you explore the island, later developing into a story full of mystery, arcane magic twisted with technology and terrifying hostile beings.
    The second storyline is set in 2012 and features a young female amateur filmmaker that investigates sites with supposed paranormal activity. Upon hearing about the long abandoned island filled with stories about magic and ghosts, she immediately leaves for the island to film the most terrifying film of her life.


    Tainted Fate is being developed in NeoAxis engine (which in turn uses Ogre as the graphics engine) and uses the latest effects like Depth Of Field, SSAO, FXAA and Light Scattering to create an immersive and atmospheric world for you to plunge into.

    Constructive criticism and questions always welcome.
    That's it for now. Cheers!

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    If anyone wants to see a little bit about the post effects (effects that the graphics card applies after rendering a frame of the game) that we have in Tainted Fate at the moment, head on over here and read the article

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    If anyone wants to see how the island in the game came to be from a single sketch to a very complex and detailed game-area, you can do that here:

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    aaaand... it's me again.
    I made a little news post about how you can change the graphics fidelity from High (looks great) to very low (runs on any PC), you can check it out here:

    Remember, we're running an indiegogo campaign to help the development of the game. Even a single dollar brings us closer to our goal. Hell, if every tenth visitor left a dollar, we'd have 10000 already

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    Just wanted you all to know the Indiegogo funding campaign for Tainted Fate failed

    But I'm not giving up. I'll make a new one tonight and I'll ask for 1500$ (that's half of what I asked for originally and can barely cover what I need for development). I will also opt for flexible funding (Indiegogo takes a bigger percentage from what I get, but I get the money even if I don't reach the goal).

    If I don't get that money, the game won't be as good as I envisioned it, but I'll develop it regardless and make it as good as I can, even with the resources I have now.

    I'll inform you all and throw a link to the new campaign tonight.

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    The new campaign just went live! Contribute here:

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    New pre alpha demo ready for your downloading and playing pleasure:

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    Just wanted you all to know that Indiegogo ****ed me over and returned every contribution made to my Tainted Fate campaign two days after somebody would contribute. I would have made 1240$ if all had gone as it was supposed to, but instead I made 60$.
    Indiegogo blamed PayPal and said they're returning the money, PayPal blamed Indiegogo and said there's an error in their system.
    So that's that, I won't be using Indiegogo in this lifetime anymore.
    Thanks to all the people that tried to contribute You're awesome.
    I'm still not giving up and am looking for potential people from the US or the UK that could make a funding campaign for me on Kickstarter without screwing me over. God knows I've had enough of that.
    Cheers people and may the development continue!

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    Moved to Feedback Requests...

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    I apologise for resurrecting an old topic, still better than making a new one every two months when I have news
    Tainted Fate is coming along as planned and the further I'm getting in development, the better the game seems, which in turn gives me more motivation.
    Anyway, I was on TV talking about how I make games and stuff, so if anyone's interested in watching, here:
    It's in Croatian, but I put in english subtitles.
    They also did a 20 minute interview, but that takes a lot of time to subtitle, so I'll put that on youtube another time.

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    Greets people. Here's an update to what's been going on with the development of Tainted Fate, so if anyone's interested:

    In short I acquired the domain and put tainted fate's blog\website there, you can also contact me at now.
    As for the game: dynamic objects now make sounds when they fall and come in contact with stuff, I made a hand model to hold the lantern, a million other things I can't remember right now. There will probably be a new pre-alpha\tech demo soon if I can find a programmer who is willing to work with me for free until the game comes out (I "fired" the last one because he didn't do almost anything in four months). Peace out!

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    Yo. I'm bringing you big news about Tainted Fate.
    Tainted Fate is not a linear horror adventure anymore, it's an open world horror adventure. Wooo!!!
    The whole island will be one big map without loading times, there will be NPC side-quests, there will be day-night transitions, there will be sleeping until dawn in safehouses so the monsters don't bite you and there will be chainsaws.
    More about all that here:
    I hope you're as happy with this news as I am with the fact that I finally undrestand what Tainted Fate needed to be different. I feel as though the game will now be all it was meant to be.
    Also there will be a new Pre-Alpha Demo soon because there is a lot new functionality in the game for you to try out.

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    Double post, so I edited this one to be a random text akoeamogneagpnepanppjfeapepna - that's radnom text

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    Greetings people. I am bringing you a new version of Tainted Fate's Pre-Alpha! There are many new things for you to try out. It's available for Windows and Mac:

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    Here's the newest update in video form for people who don't want to mess around with downloading\playing it:

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    Here's the newest update in video form for people who don't want to mess around with downloading\playing it:

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    I've got a new video for you, it shows day and night cycling. This will not be purely cosmetic, but will have gameplay consequences.

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    We've got some great news for you guys! This will be especially interesting for my Croatian bros here.

    I jumped at the opportunity to be at the Infogamer Expo here in Croatia from 14-th to 17-th November. We will be showing off Tainted Fate and giving away free games, t-shirts and the like.
    There will be loads of people there. Ubisoft and Wargaming are also coming

    I have started working on the stand already. Here's a sneak peek:

    Of course we are also working on the game non-stop. There will be one final free Pre-Alpha version for you to play soon.
    Since I've started working on the puzzles and story elements and adding them in the game, it wouldn't be cool if you could see that stuff in the Pre-Alpha since it would spoil a lot of stuff in the full game for you.
    We have full day\night cycling working, dynamic models don't go through walls any more,...
    The concept artist is also hard at work. Here's some of the new stuff from him:

    That's it, cheers!
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    The images were borked, so I fixed 'em.

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    Here's the stand all ready for tomorrow's opening.

    Yes, Ubisoft is right behind me.

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    Hey people, we're back from the InfoGamer expo and wanted to share our experience.
    The expo was a blast! We showed off Tainted Fate and SickBrick and everybody loved it! Although exhausting as hell, it was really fun. We also sold more than a hundred SickBrick+TFate Alpha DVDs for Pay What You Want.

    Here's a short recap video to show you the atmosphere and highlights I managed to capture:

    On sunday I was on the main stage giving a speech about how I got into game development. Also a fun watch:

    We even snagged a few goodies on giveaways:

    All the photos from the expo are on our Facebook page:
    if you're awesome, give it a like. Here's a selection of the best ones:

    That's about it. If you're interested in anything about the expo, ask away!

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    Almost forgot! There's a new Pre-Alpha of Tainted Fate for you to try out. There's hundreds of changes (the biggest ones are temporary enemies, weapons and events). This is the Pre-Alpha that was shown at the expo.
    Tainted Fate Pre-Alpha 5 for Windows:

    Tainted Fate Pre-Alpha 5 for Mac:

    I will probably release one more Pre-Alpha before I start putting story elements into the game (that's when the pre-alphas will stop so as not to spoil the full game for you).

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    If you want to help the development of TFate and get a game with it, my first game SickBrick is on sale - 1.49$ on Desura nad the IndieGameStand Store. Buy it if you consider yourself cool:
    IGS Store:

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    Greets people, sorry for resurrecting an old topic, but game development news is going slow.

    We've finished the day and night cycling and I am moving on to making characters and NPC-s. Here's a few screens: (can't show and explain to much, might spoil stuff)

    We've also got our first game SickBrick up for grabs on the Groupees Spotlight for a buck or more. So if you want to snag a mediocre sci-fi fps and help Tainted Fate's development in the process, be my guest!

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