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    Haha, my children asked and I did a pong game for iOS. Started as a test project now it has evolved to became a full playable game.

    The "ideia", it is a pong game, nothing new, but you can play against another player on the same device, new ideia? i think not, but it is worth the Fun. How could a pong game be that fun? I wouldnt believe until a lot of people started playing it on my iPad and samsung tablet... even on my ipod 4. So now the game is on a phase test. Almost ready to send to app store!

    I would apreciate comments and any point of view on this game!!!

    direct link to website :

    screen shots (the game has changed a bit since these images...)

    Jefferson R.S.
    Paralagames Team

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    Launch Video for NeoPong Game, any feedback would be great.

    Jefferson R.S.
    Paralagames Team

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    I love the game mechanics and the overall feel of the game! But, to be honest, I'm not sure the trailer presents the game in the best manner. Mainly I'm talking about the portion showing the two kids playing on the iPad. That part felt more... unofficial or like a customer review rather than a company's launch video of a new product. Perhaps it would be best to show video capture of just the screen so the overall visuals and presentation remains intact? Just a suggestion - overall though, cool!


    Nathan Madsen
    Composer-Sound Designer Austin, TX USA

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    Thanks Nate. I will keep that in mind.
    Jefferson R.S.
    Paralagames Team

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