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    i am currently working on a rpg game based on skills and the issue i am currently struggling with is how armor should work,

    i would like to have every metal (full plate, half plate, chainmail, scale mail) have some use even if there is a stronger metal.

    gold is physically weak but could have a much higher enchantment modifier?
    copper is weaker than iron but may be more magically resistant?

    or should i disregard normal metals and create brand new ones that can be crafted
    like adding a metal and a elemental flux (fire) creating a fire resistant mid strength metal?

    any ideas or experience with this?

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    It depends if you are going for a progression-based RPG or a more realistic style.

    Different material in real life are using in different ways for their qualities. Leather is flexible and stops arrows fairly well, but a blade will slice through. Chainmail is flexible and stops swords, but can be pierced with an arrow. Often Chainmail is worn over leather, at the cost of comfort (it's hot!). Platemail was rare and very very heavy, would stop any blade or arrow, but get hit with a heavy object and you would have a giant dent or be laid on your back. It was only when guns could be used easily at range and by people with no training did we stop using armour. It's not that it wasn't good against guns, it was just that the training and strength required to wear armour was much more expensive than just giving a peasant a cheap weapon.

    As for metals, copper is light, but really soft, just like gold and silver. It can be used with tin to make bronze, which is harder and lighter than iron. Steel replaced iron for it's increased strength, but only when we were able to properly smith it. Funny thing, we probably would never have used the more abundant iron if there hadn't been a tin shortage making the price of bronze go up.

    I'm not sure if you want weight to factor into the situation. One of my favourite RPGs had stronger armour make you slower. You could take more of a beating, but you wouldn't be able to run away.

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