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    Default Astro Slayer - New games from C4DGames

    Hi all,

    our new game "Astro Slayers" has been released. As usual all the graphic 3D is made in Cinema 4D. The game is a remake of "Asteroids" with some adjustments to make it more enjoyable.
    If interested we have few reedem available.

    I hope you will like it.

    For more information (video images and contest):

    Thank you


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    Terrific visuals. You need somebody to proof the text of your video and your website.

    When I go here:

    the services all highlight as if they are selectable but don't actually do anything when clicked up - you should fix this as you are trying to sell web services. With your teams graphical skills I have no doubt that you will find web dev. work.

    Lastly, it's too bad - for me at least - that there isn't a web version of Astro Slayer, I'd love to give it a play.

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    Hi Lennard

    thank you for your suggestions and comment.
    we will try to fix the website as soon as possible.


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    this game seems impressive, it's hard to find a mobile game with such good graphics... double, triple thumbs up!!!
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