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Thread: Game Music Pack 1 only $95

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    Default Game Music Pack 1 only $95

    Game music pack 1 contains 3 great tracks suited for any side scrolling, top down, tower defense quirky styled game. You get 2 seamlessly looped tracks and 1 fade in fade out track. These tracks where written for a fun styled game containing quirky orchestral string arrangements, flute, orchestral drums and underlying electronic instruments.

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    Just a casual observation, not necessarily critique although you may take it as such. On your site, you're showing the price and the number of purchases for each pack - most of them are zero. I'd really ditch that bit of information, if I were you. Maybe allow for customer reviews/comments instead?

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    Pricing is a bit high for this kind of thing - I usually pay $5-$20 for an individual looped track. As a potential buyer I'd be more inclined to buy unbundled.

    Your sound effects at $1 are price competitive with Sound Rangers where I buy most of my sound effects these days. You are a little cheaper and there are a couple of things I might use (sound open/close for menu caught my eye). Feels like there are lots of looping track sites these days, I'd consider focusing on SFX. If you do, more SFX variety would be great because when I'm going with a laundry list I can currently stop at Sound Rangers and almost always fill my list with pretty great sounds.

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    Yeah I agree I wish audio jungle had it setup that way, thanks for the feedback.

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