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Thread: Best way to announce your game to the mass?

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    Default Best way to announce your game to the mass?

    I have a game nearly ready for release and I was wondering how to make the world know about it. What are the best strategies to spread the word nowadays? How get a game announced on most major websites?

    Every advices are greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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    I would say get some trailers going, press releases sent out to tons of media outlets and some demos rolling. What are you cooking?

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    sending press releases is boring but it's something that must be done... you'll pass a lot of time on it
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    Perhaps you could look up any tech conferences/shows where you could show your stuff off? I've had teams schedule development milestones around E3 and GDC (as well as others) to help get some initial news buzz when first launching (or about to launch). Then as others have already stated the normal steps: press release, trailers, etc can really help. If you can figure out a way to include your audience you can get more buzz. For example "name this character" or "pick your favorite promo poster" etc. Give them a voice and more people will take part, generally.

    Finally you can provide some postmortem and behind-the-scenes look at your game and how you development to drive up interest.

    Best of luck!

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